The EA’s Roadmap to becoming an Executive Virtual Assistant in Australia

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You’ve heard about Virtual Assistants…

…but have you ever looked into become a VA yourself?

Have you ever wondered what the hype around working remotely is all about?

Have you ever considered it as a career option?

This webinar will explain how you can translate your years of corporate knowledge and executive assistant experience into your own virtual business or remote employment, providing a highly sought after, executive-level service.

We’ve been hiring virtual assistants for years, and we’ve identified a real demand for local, high-level executive assistant support… remotely.

When you find yourself wondering if there is another way to ???, a better way, you know it’s time to learn about your options.

It’s easier than you think to escape the rat race and move beyond the 9 to 5 grind!

Your 12-hour days are over ( if you want them to be! ).

  • YOU CAN be there for the important moments;
  • YOU CAN leave behind the long commutes; and
  • YOU CAN stop wanting to be in two places at the same time.

Working remotely is an attractive way to achieve work/life balance without compromising your career, your income or your family time.

This webinar is not all cafes and Instagram.

We keep it real, showing you the joys and the pitfalls of working connectedly in a dis-connected environment.

We have included real-life interviews with Australians who have made the transition successfully. They will impress you with their personal accounts of the highs and lows and the share the positive changes they have experienced along the way, including:

  • Life balance – time for meal preparation and social connection
  • Physical health – time for exercise and appointments
  • Mental health – less anxiety and guilt around competing priorities
  • Education and Upskilling – mixed opportunities leads to broader horizons
  • Stimulation – Every day is different.

The options and possibilities in the range of services you could offer are truly endless, but one thing is certain. Your years of experience, your professionalism and your high-level support is needed TODAY.

There are C-suite executives, company directors, entrepreneurs and successful startups searching for sophisticated support. There is a gap in the market you could fill

Be curious. Register now.

“EA to VA”

The EA’s Roadmap to becoming an Executive Virtual Assistant in Australia.

Launching Soon: 1st October 2021

Earlybird price $5.99 for registrations before 30 October 2021

FREE for VA Lead Network members!

What’s included in this webinar for executive assistants?

Our guided webinar has been designed to empower you with the information and resources you need to kickstart your independent virtual business or remote employee journey.

Here’s what’s included:

  • A detailed description of the role encompassing the expectations, skills required, rewards, hurdles and a look at the possibilities available to you.
  • A look inside the working day and general life of a successful VA who has transitioned from a C-suite office based role to working remotely.
  • A practical roadmap to show you exactly what it takes to get set up virtually so you can decide if becoming a virtual contractor or employee is right for you.
  • Engaging videos to motivate and inspire you to take the first steps – AFTER you’ve done your due diligence!
  • Worksheets to accompany each video with links to help you take action on the content covered in our video walkthroughs in your own time. You can refer back to this as many times as you need to!
  • Realistic strategies to keep yourself on track each step of the way: getting started, launching, and securing your first client. 
  • Direct links to our recommended tools, templates and marketing resources

Is this course for you?

If you’re intrigued by the concept of working from anywhere, you are in the right place.

Are you wondering whether becoming an Australian executive virtual assistant or remote employee is right for you?
Curious about what is involved and wanting to know what you’ll need to get set up and started?
This series of engaging videos and worksheets have been designed to keep it REAL. No fluff, just real insight into what it takes and whether the life of an executive VA or remote employee is the right move for you.
Our goal behind this course is to educate and empower you to make informed decisions, establish yourself on the best possible foundation and share the knowledge and experience we have acquired over many years providing executive support from any location with internet access.
This webinar can be completed in under an hour, and will leave you with a comprehensive understanding of what’s involved and ‘a day in the life’ of an Executive VA.

If you’re looking for a quick start in the fast-moving world of work trends, this webinar isn’t for you.

This overview has been designed for those who want to transition out of the office, who understand the virtual landscape and who will provide high-level support. We have identified this as a real need and we can assure you, there is a genuine ‘gap’ in the market.

We have been recruiting VA’s for years and our biggest challenge is finding experienced EAs with the knowledge and skills to work remotely.

If you’ve been thinking about taking the leap into the virtual workforce – now is the time to get started – this webinar will give you an insight into working as a virtual assistant and all the information you need to make the move.

We aren’t telling you to jump in headfirst. We are showing you the possibilities. It’s absolutely fine if you want to keep your day job and transition at your own pace into your very own online business or virtual employment.

Who are we?

Thought Penny are an established team of Australian Virtual Assistants providing executive-level virtual assistance to entrepreneurs, business owners, C-suite executives, government departments, startups, authors and media personalities – from all over Australia.

As an experienced Executive Assistant (EA) it’s highly likely you have heard about the virtual workforce and wondered where you fit in.

There has been a lot of talk (and hype!) around the $7 services available offshore, but don’t be dismayed. This doesn’t spell the end of your highly valued expertise.

The VA Industry is booming and it’s easy to find a virtual assistant for any task from food shopping and event planning to the booming social media arena.

Why is this webinar different from the others?

“The EA’s Roadmap to becoming an Executive Virtual Assistant” hears you wondering about working online and explains what’s involved in transitioning your skills to providing a remote EA service.

Think of this as your first step towards owning your time and offering your skills from a location of your choice. This roadmap is for professional individuals with a dedicated workspace and an intention to offer an exceptional service for relative remuneration.

If you are working in a corporate office job right now and you don’t know how to pivot into the remote workforce, this roadmap is for you.  

Start here if you:

  • Are feeling nervous about your employment in the current Covid-19 climate
  • Fear being ‘out-sourced’
  • Are worried about being “out of date”
  • Want to remain relevant in today’s workforce
  • Love your job but you’re not living your best life
  • Are fed up of the rat-race
  • Need a change (a fundamental real life change)
  • Are considering semi-retirement
  • Want your cake and eat it too!

Enrol now and be among the first to receive this NEW insight designed specifically for experienced EAs and who want to pivot into the online world of executive-level service. 

By starting here, you will:

  • Save hours of research time
  • Make informed decisions
  • Decide if you want to niche (and how)
  • Hear from REAL Australian executive assistants who have successfully transitioned into the remote workspace. Hear their experiences, heed their advice, and follow their lead into your new career path.
  • Identify what’s stopping you and create a plan to move forward

BONUS INCLUSIONS – Available to VA Lead Network Members only 

  • Guaranteed answers to your burning questions submitted via Ask Thought Penny
  • A checklist template to upload into your task management software (e.g. your free Asana account) so ALL the steps we cover are immediately incorporated into your to-do list to keep you focussed and on-track.

You’ve heard the saying “strike while the iron’s hot” and if you have skills that can be offered remotely, then RIGHT NOW is as hot as it gets.

About the presenter

Fiona Campbell

Founder of Thought Penny, highly experienced executive assistant and virtual assistant working across a range of industries from professional services to the creative and everything in between. Fiona is a busy mum-of-three with several online businesses on the go. A self-confessed tech “nerd” who loves everything admin, automation, and systems who became an Asana Certified Pro and a Keap Certified Partner … in all her spare time (inside joke).

Fiona works from home juggling kids, pets, sports, remote learning and the joys of running a household (which she shares with her husband who is employed full-time in a job that has their family moving across the country). Fiona is the perfect person to guide you through the expectations and realities of life as an executive virtual assistant.

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Be curious. Consider the possibilities. 
Ask Questions.

Launching Soon: 1st October 2021

Earlybird price $5.99 for registrations before 30 October 2021

FREE for VA Lead Network members!