If you are an Australian virtual assistant or online business manager looking for more clients, read on!

If you’re on the hunt for more clients for your Australian virtual assistant or online business manager business, here are three steps we recommend you take right now:

  1. Update your LinkedIn profile – hundreds of potential clients are searching for “Australian Virtual Assistant” and “Australian Online Business Manager” every day… so jump onto your profile right now and:
    • Add these key search terms to your title
    • Make sure your about profile fills your target market with confidence in your ability to deliver
    • Contact everyone who has ever shown appreciation for your work and ask for a testimonial – LinkedIn make this easy to do from your profile page
  2. If you’re tech-savvy with executive assistant experience and/or serious design skills, apply to join the Thought Penny team here and we’ll review whether we have any opportunities to subcontract to you.
  3. Check out the VA Lead Network – the premiere jobs board for Australian virtual assistants and online business managers.