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Thought Penny offers a wide range of services, including (but certainly not limited to):
  • Tech-savvy executive VA support and online business management
  • Virtual receptionists
  • Business & marketing automation
  • Graphic design
  • Website development
Depending on the service, you can engage us on an ad-hoc, monthly retainer, or project basis.

You can request a quote here.

Invoices are emailed for all work undertaken. Depending on your needs and the services you’ve selected, invoicing can occur weekly, fortnightly, monthly or according to a project’s timeline and agreement.

For example, retainer* packages are payable monthly in advance. Additional hours are invoiced at the same hourly rate, at the end of the monthly period.

Any work requiring more than 5 hours will require a signed contract.

*Retainer packages are non-refundable once any work at all has commenced – this allows us to allocate virtual assistants (VAs) to your business and guarantee availability for the hours you’ve paid for.

You’re ready to go! 

To help us understand your needs, please start with our Quote Request Form.

We understand your situation may change and you might need to put our services on hold.  Just email Fiona and we will end your contract.

If you have paid for a monthly retainer, your advance payment will not be refunded if any work has commenced or more than 5 business days (AEDT) have passed during the monthly period.

Cancellation of project and ad-hoc work will cease immediately, and an invoice will be issued for all the work completed up until the point of cancellation, with a minimum of one hour charged if any work has commenced.

While Fiona does work directly with most of our clients, she works closely with a personally selected team of pre-qualified executive assistants, designers and tech-heads. Fiona will use your initial conversations to determine who will be the best virtual assistants (VAs) for your needs.

All VAs are engaged by Thought Penny and work closely with Fiona on strategy and workflow at all times, for all of our clients.

You will have great talent working with you – only proven VA stars can join the Thought Penny VA team!

If this will provide confidentiality issues for your type of business, you may request that all work is strictly performed by Fiona or another particular virtual assistant. We will then review our availability and, where necessary, hourly rates, in order to accommodate your request. You may also like to consider requesting the signing of an NDA by your virtual assistants.

At the beginning of a contract, we will determine if any services require significant subcontracting to a specialist contractor (e.g. website developer) and if so, any additional expenses will be agreed beforehand.

Fiona lives in Newcastle, NSW in Australia which is close to an airport and just a couple of hours drive from Sydney.

Other Thought Penny virtual assistants (VAs) are located throughout Australia allowing us to provide extended hours of support across different time zones.

Our Australian clients love having virtual assistants with an understanding of Australian culture, customs and geography.

Our International clients appreciate having Thought Penny VAs busy at work while they sleep and the flexibility we provide to allow communication outside of Australian business hours.

We work the hours required to get work done, within the agreed timeframes.

Early starts and late nights are no problem for Thought Penny!

You can email anything urgent to for the first available assistant.

Please email to request the first available assistant.


There is no requirement to pay superannuation or insurances.

Using a Thought Penny virtual assistant (VA) minimises overheads by eliminating employer obligations. We are an independent service provider and all costs are included in our rates.


All Thought Penny virtual assistants (VAs) are self-sufficient and utilise their own ‘tools of the trade’.

Unless there is a need or request outside of the norm and specific to your business, our VAs are well equipped to meet the needs of working remotely and do not require additional equipment or support.


There are no leave entitlements payable when engaging Thought Penny.

Using a Thought Penny virtual assistant minimises your overheads by eliminating employer obligations.

We are an independent service provider and all costs are included in our rates.

Life happens, right? No problem, we’ve got you covered.

Although you will predominantly work with the same virtual assistants (VAs), Thought Penny is a well-connected team with comprehensive procedures and systems. Documenting guides for others to step in and take over is our jam!

Whether it’s short notice or planned cover, there will always be a VA ready to meet the needs of your business.

Absolutely. Thought Penny offers a variety of packages and individual services to meet the evolving needs of your business.

For example, this month you may need structure and systems put in place. Next month could be sales funnels and copywriting.

As your business begins to flow, your support needs will change.

We’ll be here to support and grow with you, as we’re well-placed to provide basic administrative tasks right through to online business management, executive assistant level support, HR management, automation strategies, accountability partnerships, and coaching.

We also have a waiting list of tech-savvy virtual assistants (VAs) and tech-specialists we are regularly screening, so we’re always ready to grow our team at short notice.

Yes! Yes! Yes! We love the opportunity to learn something new.

All Thought Penny virtual assistants (VAs) are tech-savvy and willing to receive training from your appointed provider or undergo self-driven learning via resources provided by you.

Our skill set is constantly growing!

You can request a PDF index of software and services Thought Penny can help you with.

If your request is unique and your needs aren’t listed, we’d love to hear from you.

If we can’t help (highly unlikely!) you can save time and money by asking us to reach out to the Thought Penny VA Network of pre-qualified and genuine service providers.


When we’re working with you, we’re really working with you.

WIP stands for “Work In Progress” and a WIP call is our daily/weekly/monthly opportunity to connect with you.

All WIP calls are followed by a summary to ensure we’re working in sync with your needs.

Thought Penny offers a wide range of services, including (but certainly not limited to):

  • Tech-savvy executive VA support and online business management
  • Virtual receptionists
  • Business & marketing automation
  • Graphic design
  • Website development

Our rates differ depending on the service chosen and the nature in which we’re engaged (e.g. ad-hoc, monthly retainer, project work etc).

You can request a quote here and immediately receive an email inviting you to book an obligation-free call to discuss your needs further.

New job leads are constantly coming in hot at Thought Penny, so we’re always on the lookout for new additions to our team to help with the overflow.

If you’d like to know more about joining the Thought Penny team, please complete our short VA registration form.

  • Fiona’s services are sensational! My life changed the day I met her; she tamed my inbox and whipped our whole organisation into shape. We’d be lost without her. Pleasure to write this recommendation.

  • I've worked with Fi and her team of 'wonder women' Virtual Assistants for four months now, and all I can say is "Wow". They don't just 'get' all of the time pressures, demand complexities, and changing timelines and client requirements that consulting projects demand, but deal with it all with grace, tact and ease. Even better, they anticipate bottlenecks on my time, and propose ways around these, and actively work to systematise every aspect of my business, as well as find cost savings along the way. I can't recommend Fi and her team highly enough.

  • In recommending Fiona to support the administration needs of a small business I need to highlight the extraordinary knowledge, experience and work ethic she brings to her role. She is a creative thinker, considers the macro and micro needs of the business or tasks at hand, is IT savvy and highly respectful of business culture and challenges. Regardless of the level in which Thought Penny is engaged, I cannot recommend the service more highly to design effective processes and introduce latest technologies.

  • Fiona has been improving our businesses and giving us the space to grow for about 18 months now. She does whatever needs to be done planning, organising, Client liaison, designing processes & systems etc and then training her team to run them on a day to day basis.
    I can not recommend her highly enough!

  • Fiona is a patient, technically knowledgeable resource that has never steered me wrong. I have worked with her several times on troubleshooting problems with G Suite and her patience, knowledge and problem solving skills are excellent. She is a valuable resource to our business.

  • Fiona is organised and efficient and consistently goes the extra mile. Nothing is ever too much trouble, she is always happy to go out of her way to help. Fiona is a calming influence in stressful environments and can inject humour into the workplace, something I’ve always appreciated

  • Darren TurnerDarren TurnerPartner, PwC

    Fiona is one of those rare team members who can bring concepts to realisation with both an organised and creative approach. I recommend Fi to any corporate team looking for support in implementing key goals and strategy

  • Murray EvansMurray EvansPartner, PwC

    Fiona is a person who has great creativity, loves to get stuck into a project and see it through to completion with a minimum of direction, and fits well into a team environment. She has advanced organisational and IT skills, seeks and listens to feedback, and is energetic. Comes with my recommendation.