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Please contact us and we’ll get back to you promptly.


Invoices will be emailed for all work undertaken.

  • Tasks undertaken on a “Pay As Needed” basis will be invoiced weekly.
  • The retainer packages are payable in advance, and any additional hours used will be invoiced at the same hourly rate, at the end of the monthly period. Retainer packages are non refundable if you cancel after any work at all has commenced – this allows us to book out a Virtual Assistant and guarantee availability for the hours you pay for.
  • Any work requiring more than 5 hours will require a signed contract and small deposit. If we’ve done work for you previously, you can request to skip this deposit payment.

In order to help us understand your needs, you can complete our VA Enquiry Form or book a call with Fiona.

Fiona will work with you to determine the pricing structure which suits you.

Your situation may change and you might need to put the services of your Virtual Assistant on hold.  Just email Fiona and she will end your contract, no questions asked.

  • If you have paid for a monthly retainer, your advance payment will not be refunded if any work has commenced or more than 5 days has passed during the monthly period.
  • Cancellation of work booked at the “Pay As Needed” rate will go into effect immediately, with an invoice issued for a minimum of one hour if any work has commenced.


While Fiona does personally support many of our clients, she will work with you during your initial conversations to determine who the best Virtual Assistant is for your needs. She’ll also work closely with your chosen VA on strategy and workflow.

You will have great talent going to work for you – only proven VA stars can join the Thought Penny VA team.

If this will provide confidentiality issues for your type of business, you may request that all work is strictly performed by Fiona or another particular Virtual Assistant. We can then review our availability and, where necessary, hourly rates, in order to accommodate your request. You may also like to consider requesting the signing of an NDA by your Virtual Assistant.

At the beginning of a contract I will determine if any services require significant subcontracting to a specialist contractor (e.g. Graphic Designer) and if so, any additional expenses will be agreed beforehand.

Fiona lives in Newcastle, NSW in Australia. which is close to an airport and just a couple of hours drive away from Sydney.

Other Thought Penny Virtual Assistants are located across Australia, which some clients find handy when extended support hours are required.

Our Australian clients love having a Virtual Assistant with an understanding of Australian culture, customs and geography.

Our clients in other countries appreciate having us busy at work while they sleep and the flexibility we provide to allow communication outside of Australian business hours.

We work the hours required to get work done within the agreed timeframes.

You can book 20-40 minute calls directly in Fiona’s calendar to discuss how we can make ourselves available to suit your needs, or email to request the first available assistant.