Meet the Owner of Thought Penny



I’m Fiona Campbell, and I started Thought Penny as a solo Virtual Assistant to provide tech-savvy assistance to small business leaders and freelancers who want to avoid the commitment and overheads of an in-house employee.

I now manage and work with a team of experienced and enthusiastic assistants to turn chaos into clarity and structure.

I remain across all the client work we do, either providing personal assistance myself or managing the team I’ve hand-picked for you.

About - Fiona Campbell - Thought Penny

Fiona Campbell – Virtual Assistant

With over 16 years’ executive, personal and virtual assistant experience, I love helping others strategise their ideas into reality with both an organised and creative approach.

I’m in my element creating cut-through design solutions to communicate content, implementing automation solutions and streamlining processes.

Even the most organised people struggle to plan and make the best use of their time when they are trying to fill too many roles in their business. I give them the tools to stay organised and automate processes so that they can focus on what’s really important.

When I’m not personally helping my clients or managing my team of Virtual Assistants, you’ll probably find me creating resources for other Australian virtual assistants via my second business, the Virtual Assistant Lead Network.

You can request a quote here and we will discuss your needs on an obligation-free call.

If you’re dying to know more about me right now, here are 5 things you may not know…

  • I’m a mother to three beautiful children who force me to adapt my organising methods daily
  • I started Thought Penny while I was on maternity leave with my first child because I missed working
  • I think mint ruins perfectly good chocolate
  • I once demolished a 900 gram steak challenge and convinced the restaurant that my effort deserved a free dessert – I could hardly walk… never again!!
  • I’m a permaculture enthusiast who loves a paperless office though secretly drools over new stationery – the struggle is real!

Why choose Thought Penny?

Or why invest in a Virtual Assistant at all?

Here are just some of the reasons our clients keep us around:

  • We have extensive corporate office experience – we’re professionals who make your business look good.
  • Our retainer packages are flexible, allowing you to change the hours needed each month (with enough warning if you’re significantly increasing them!)
  • You don’t need to pay for our leave, superannuation, insurance, equipment, phone, internet or office space.
  • We’re obsessed with providing quality work quickly.
  • Clients think of us as their tech-savvy best friends who just make things work and really understand the true source of their frustrations.
  • Thought Penny VAs constantly show initiative, with the aim of identifying efficiencies for your entire team.
  • We’re used to working with clients who aren’t detail orientated – we can operate with minimal direction to avoid interrupting your day.
  • Our enthusiasm is infectious and we just get things done – try not to stay motivated while we help you annihilate that to-do list!
  • View our testimonials for even more reasons.

Have questions about our Virtual Assistant services? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions or, if you request a quote here to discuss your needs, we can discuss your questions on an obligation-free call…