We use Keap’s products to help small businesses grow.

Keap is small business software that converts leads into customers, organises your customer information and automates your business to free yourself up from repetitive tasks.

With more time, you can focus on delivering the great service your clients expect.

Our goal is to reduce your overheads and labour hours, capture more leads, convert your clicks into real business and streamline the perfect customer experience.

What is Keap?

Why Keap makes sense for you

  • Your clients think great service is what sets small businesses apart
  • 89% of people hire small businesses that they are referred to
  • Trustworthiness, dependability, and expertise are the qualities that matter most to your potential clients
  • 44% of your potential clients won’t hire you if you don’t follow-up quickly enough
  • 36% of your potential clients won’t work with you if there are scheduling issues

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Connect to the apps you use to run your business

Connect your data, applications, and devices from across your business to be more efficient and productive.

Be Responsive, Automatically

Spend less time copy and pasting messages, manually following up with leads and clients, and more time meeting and serving your clients. Automate your marketing, sales and data entry with Keap.

No more leads falling through the cracks

Set up an automatic process for sending texts and emails to new leads with pre-written emails you can customize, that guide your lead to the next step.

Automate any process you envision

Keap’s marketing campaign builder is flexible and customizable enough to automate any sales or marketing process you design. Create a sequence of email messages that get sent based on timed triggers or client actions, like booking an appointment or downloading an ebook.

Thought Penny is a Keap Certified Partner!

With years of Keap and Infusionsoft experience between us, we knew it was time to make it official.

So, we passed the Keap exam and impressed the Keap team with our campaign submissions to prove that the Thought Penny team are experts in strategic campaign design and development.

We know the importance of designing systems that are easy to use, regardless of how detail-orientated the user is.

If you’re thinking your business is too small or isn’t ready for Keap or Infusionsoft – think again.

We are using automation to help small businesses GROW QUICKLY.

We’re using clever campaigns and beautiful copy to connect with your audience.

And now we’re connecting the processes to your front end and providing seamless customer service, through our team or yours.

We’re here to offer campaign templates for the DIY tribe, customise campaigns for those needing a bit more tech support, and take care of everything if you’re drowning in work.

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