Can’t see your question regarding my Australian Virtual Assistant service below? Please contact me!

Invoices will be emailed for all work undertaken.

  • Tasks undertaken on a “Pay As Needed” basis will require a small deposit and final payment within 7 days of delivery date. If we have a working history together, you can request to bypass the initial deposit.
  • The “10 Hour Retainer” and “20 Hour Retainer” options are paid at the beginning of the weekly cycle and are non refundable if you cancel.
  • “By Project” agreements require a non-refundable deposit of 40% of the overall estimate and are paid off in increments, weekly.

In order to help me understand your needs, please complete my VA Enquiry Form.

At the end of the form you will be provided with a link to book an initial consultation call with me. I will review your form answers before this consultation and work with you to determine the pricing structure which suits you.

If your request is for…

  • “Pay As Needed” work, I will send you my Terms and Conditions and advise if your task requires a small deposit.
  • “10 Hour Retainer”, “20 Hour Retainer” and “By Project” work, I will send you a Scope of Work (document outlining agreed tasks and deliverables), as well as my Terms and Conditions.
  • “By Project” work, I will provide you with a Project Estimate (an estimate of hours with an hourly rate).

If you accept all applicable documents for the type of work to be completed (e.g. Scope of Work, Terms and Conditions and/or Project Estimate), I will:

  1. Email you an invoice (if applicable) with deposit and/or full payment due date/s; then
  2. I will commence work at the agreed time providing your deposit (full payment for Retainers) has been received and you have signed your contract.

I understand that your situation may change and you might need to put the services of your Virtual Assistant on hold.  Just send me an email and I will end your contract, no questions asked.

  • If you have paid for a “10 Hour Retainer” or “20 Hour Retainer”, your advance weekly payment will not be refunded if any work has commenced that week.
  • Cancellation of “By Project” work will go into effect immediately with no further charges. The deposit taken for the project is non-refundable.

Most of the time I will personally complete all of the work for agreed tasks and projects, however if part of a task requires a niche expertise, I will ensure you have great talent going to work for you.

If this will provide confidentiality issues for your type of business, you may request that I strictly perform all work myself.

Should I decide to subcontract, it will have no bearing on our agreement. Any estimate I give you will be realistic, so if I need to get help, I will cover the additional expenses.

This does not include major variations to original specifications. In which case, I will discuss with you before subcontracting.

At the beginning of a contract I will determine if any part requires significant subcontracting, if so, it will be done at your expense and be agreed beforehand.

I live just north of Newcastle, NSW in Australia. I am close to an airport and Sydney is just a couple of hours drive away.

This suits my clients who have their businesses based in Australia and want help from someone in the same (or similar) timezone. They love having a Virtual Assistant with an understanding of Australian culture, customs and geography.

I work the hours required to get work done within the agreed timeframes.

I am available to take calls from my clients between 8.30am and 5.30pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (‘AEST’ which is Sydney & Melbourne time) Monday-Friday.

For longer phone meetings, I request that you book a time directly in my calendar in advance.