Or why invest in a Virtual Assistant at all?

Here are just some of the reasons our clients keep us around:

  • All Thought Penny VAs have extensive corporate office experience – we’re professionals who make your business look good.
  • Our retainer packages are tracked by the minute (not 15-minute blocks) – we’ll only reduce your available retainer hours by 2 minutes if that’s how long a task took!
  • You don’t need to pay for our leave, superannuation, worker’s insurance or office space.
  • We’re obsessed with providing quality work quickly.
  • Clients think of us as their tech-savvy best friends who just make things work and really understand the true source of their frustrations.
  • Thought Penny VAs constantly show initiative, with the aim of identifying efficiencies for your entire team.
  • We’re used to working with clients who aren’t detail orientated – we can operate with minimal direction to avoid interrupting your day.
  • Our enthusiasm is infectious and we just get things done – try not to stay motivated while we help you annihilate that to-do list!
  • View our testimonials below for even more reasons.

Have questions our Virtual Assistant services? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions or book a call with Fiona to discuss your needs.